The Irish Whip News Feeds

Despite The Lianger's consistent insistence that I develop original ideas, I still use these feeds as my main fodder for the site. We're relatively coherent at covering things before they hit these feeds, but in case we don't or I go on vacation again and the whole site goes to hell, you can look to these chosen partners for all the latest in the worlds of WWE and MMA. usually has the straight news stuff where as has more of the behind-the-scenes info. The latter feed is also your place to go if you like the Indy circuits and all that good stuff. is for if you missed a show because your girlfriend came over, shouting about spending too much time working on the site and demanding to watch The Sound Of Music.

The Best of UFC Feed is a handy little feature that borrows/steals all the best content from all the MMA sites and delivers it to our door.

The best for content, however, are probably the MMANews one at the top and the Sherdog feeds which follow it.